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The exhibition includes the following elements:

  • Portrait photos (A0-format): 10 eyewitnesses each hold a picture, which symbolizes their personal German-Mozambican history.
  • 13 tablets with short documentary films explaining the history of the country and presenting the interviewed eyewitnesses who discuss their Mozambican-German identity. The tablets are set up on 4 tables. Stools are included with the tables.
  • Large film projections of individual scenes from the theatre piece of the same name, “Identity – A Bloody Romance”. The theatre piece is based on interviews with 50 eyewitnesses as well as aspects of their history, summarised and brought to the point using theatrical and performance tools. The performance with 14 Mozambican actors was opened 2013 in Maputo. The exhibition was opened in the Werkstattgalerie in Berlin.


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