Languages: German   subtitles: Portuguese / English     Format: HD, 4:16 min

Excerpts from the play:

I have fallen helplessly in love! She is you teacher! It is love! She laid you! And the secretary of the party chairman laid you in the cellar! We can’t help it if the girls here leave their men for us!

Our love … You came at just the right moment, shy, you hardly dared to say a word, but you danced like a young god, you always did! We shared passion, sex! Everyone with a heart fell in love with your laugh. We learned from each other. You were not lazy, sometimes slow, sometimes stubborn. We will stay together. We will stay together despite everything.

When I returned to Mozambique, I had not even said goodbye to my flower!

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In front of his house on the outskirts of Maputo, Joao Machainie (employed in a washing machine factory in Schwarzenberg from 1988 to 1990) explains with great humour and acting talent the difference between German and Mozambican women.
What has a man got to do in order to be forgiven for an affair, and how might Anett be today, the beautiful flower he left behind? Two former colleagues, still close friends of Joao’s today, listen to his story and vouch for every detail.