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Excerpts from the play:

Could you just this once make sauerkraut today please? No! You can eat sauerkraut when you visit your mother!

You know, when I was a kid, we played outside all day. That was good for our development. It can’t be so good for kids to spend the whole day at their desk! I’m really not a typical German man, but studying is important and discipline, too! If it were up to you, we would make an exception everyday!

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Judas is Mozambican and an architect. Konstanza is a German development worker. The two have a lovely one-year-old son. One Sunday morning, they sit on a park bench in front of the playground. When asked what he expects of Konstanza in their relationship, Judas responds, "obedience", and she laughs out loud. She says she expects "honesty" and he seems embarrassed. The interview discusses expectations of partners from another culture, as well as fears and common dreams for the future.