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From the German Broadcasting Archive. Language: German – Subtitles: English / Portuguese – Format: 4:3, colour, 6:43 minutes

Excerpts from the play:

Learn everything here that’s good, so that you can help your people, your state to build up a socialist system. I am not saying that everything in socialism is wonderful, but everyone has a little: the school, the health system, an apartment, food, a job – this is taken care of. I have received a package full of things I have never seen before. The most important thing though is the attention, all the care we receive. At home nobody took care of me. My family was there, but nobody was able to give!

In the train, in the hallway, on the street – everywhere you see Germans who come across each other without noticing … Yesterday a colleague asked me if I washed myself! The cleanliness here, the smell, and the seasons. My family can’t imagine how it is when snow has just fallen and everything is calm and white and pure. It’s like being in heaven!

In a cold heaven! Can you send snow home?

… but how is your job going? It is work that turns a person into a human being! I have learned to like work. I have the reputation of being a good worker, and I don’t want to lose it. Work is important to me… Did you understand the contracts we just signed? Nobody understood them because none of us understands lawyer talk.

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"May you put what you've learnt with us to use in your home country, only the good things – forget about the bad things right away – and for the sake of your Republic become good, I should like to say very good miners. We would also be very happy if you didn't completely forget about us here!"

These are the words of farewell from the head of the Zwickau mining district (August-Bebel site) to the Mozambican colleagues who had finished their apprenticeship as mineworkers after two and a half years. The short film from 1981 shows Freiberg in the winter time, young Mozambicans during their apprenticeship and as guests of German families.